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How To Get Home Health Care

For decades, your neighbors across eastern Massachusetts have welcomed Beth Israel Lahey Health At Home into their homes for health care services.

We offer a full range of medical assistance and rehabilitative services:

  • Cardiac and pulmonary care
  • Fall prevention and treatment for balance difficulty
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice care
  • Medication management
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Pain management


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Home Health Care FAQs

How does home health care work?

If you or your loved one recently suffered a major illness or injury, or spent an extended time in the hospital, your doctor may recommend home health services. The goal of these services is to keep you or your loved one safe and comfortable in your home and reduce the chances of another hospital stay.

Home health care provides medically necessary services that your physician prescribes or orders. Licensed medical professionals — including nurses, therapists and home health aides — deliver care directly to you or your loved one in your home. They focus on treating and managing an illness, injury or medical condition that may or may not follow a hospital stay or medical diagnosis. Home health care does not provide services such as cooking or cleaning, but does provide assistance with bathing.

Do I qualify for home health care? 

You may qualify for home health care if you:

  • Are unsteady on your feet or fearful of falling.
  • Are unsure of how to manage your medications.
  • Have been told by your physician that you need physical, occupational or speech therapy.
  • Have recently been discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility.
  • Need end-of-life services, such as palliative care or hospice care.

To qualify for home health services, you or your loved one must meet the “homebound” requirements for Medicare. This means your condition prevents you from being able to safely leave your home without assistance.

If you’re interested in our services for yourself or a loved one, ask your primary care doctor if you qualify for a referral to Beth Israel Lahey Health At Home.

How much does home health care cost? 

At Beth Israel Lahey Health At Home, we accept several insurance plans. Many plans cover home health services at no cost to you. To find out more, call us at 781-756-2488.

Learn about in-home care resources, as well as access to state and national home care organizations.

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