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At Beth Israel Lahey Health At Home, we believe that nothing supports your well-being and recovery after an illness, injury or surgery more than being in a safe and familiar environment. That is why we can work with you in the comfort of your own home. We can help restore your health, balance and communication ability through home care rehab.

We will meet you wherever you are to begin rehab services — whether that’s in your own home or an assisted living facility. Our goal is always to help you or your loved one gain enough function to remain in the comfort and familiarity of your home, if possible.

Rehabilitation Information

Home Rehab Services

We provide coordinated care that helps you enjoy more independence and a better quality of life through a wide range of rehabilitation services, including:

  • Physical Therapy: Working with a physical therapist can help you get around easier and reduce pain related to certain conditions or injuries.
  • Occupational Therapy: Working with an occupational therapist can help you more easily complete activities of daily life — such as bathing, dressing and moving around your home.
  • Speech-Language Therapy: A speech-language pathologist can help you communicate with others more effectively.
Rehabilitation At Home: Specialty Services

Beth Israel Lahey Health At Home also offers special rehabilitation services.

  • Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on massaging that uses light touch to release tension around the connective tissue. It can help relieve pain in the head, neck and back caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines, stroke and post-concussion syndrome.
  • Fascial movement taping is a technique that uses heavy tape to support a joint while it heals. Your care team may use it if you have an orthopedic injury such as an ankle sprain, knee injury, ligament strain or tendon pull.
  • Myofascial release is a type of massage that focuses on healing and relieving pain in the muscles and joints. You may benefit from this treatment if you’ve had physical trauma (like in a car accident), have back pain, have scarring or inflammation (swelling) or have compressed nerves.
  • Total joint replacement rehabilitation helps you reach optimal function with your new artificial joint. Our team can help you build muscle strength.
Fall Prevention Program

Falls can have a serious impact on your health. Falls can lead to fractures requiring surgery, extended rehab stays or other complications. We’ve designed our Fall Prevention Program to help you maintain your health and be able to safety stay in the home environment. The program can help you strengthen your muscles and become more stable walking and completing daily activities.

Your doctor may suggest you participate in this program if you have:

  • Generalized weakness or muscle weakness.
  • Limited mobility due to injury or illness.
  • Neuromuscular disease, such as Parkinson’s disease.
  • Spent an extended period of time in the hospital. 

We provide personalized coordination of care and fall prevention programs designed for those who fall and/or lose their balance. We offer a variety of aid methods, including:

  • Adaptive equipment for muscle imbalance and muscle strengthening.
  • Assessment of hazards within the home.
  • Vestibular impairments aide.
  • Vision assistance.
Stroke Rehab & Other Neurological Rehab Services

If you or a loved one has a neurological condition, our expert team is here to help you regain function and quality of life. We offer our services to people who’ve had:

  • A stroke
  • Brain bleed
  • Infectious disease that’s affected the brain

Our multidisciplinary team can help with any possible impacts, including speech, swallowing, mobility, weakness or paralysis. Our goal is to get you to your maximum level of function so you can remain in your home and be as independent as possible.

Paying for Rehab Services

Typically, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies cover rehabilitation. Speak with your insurance carrier about your plan’s specific coverage.

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